A quick comment while in the midst of Holy Week.  Many of you who were following the Prop 8 malestrom that was going on in CA not too long ago may rememebr a certain pastor issuing this statement:

Well, recently the illustrious Rick Warren, whom you may remember from such public events as the presidential inauguration, was on Larry King and had this to say:

Well, whether or  not he can actually come out and say, “I made a mistake and now that I’m in the public eye I should probably stop preaching hate in the name of Christ”, I’m glad he’s at least come around (though I would have difficulty listening to anything coming from a man that is more politician than pastor).  I read recently and article about an elderly gentleman that was a former member of the KKK who was trying to reconcile himself before he died, and trying to appologize and make up for the hate crimes he committed in his younger years in a social climate that saw beating a black man as acceptible.  Times change and so do people.  So now at the end of his life, he’s ashamed of the crosses he’s burned, the hateful words he’s spewed to insight others to violence,  and the people he’s physically beaten.  I have no doubt that in 20 to 50 years, there will be people looking back who can finally see that the intolerance they were preaching, the violence they were endorsing if not committing (Peace be with Matthew Shepard and the thousands of other victims of homophobic violence) was wrong.  Just as racists in the early 20th cent. used to the Bible to justify social salvery, prejudice and segregation see now how grossly wrong that was, there will come a time when those who said gays and lesbians were less than human and did not deserve equal rights because their interpretation of the Bible says so will look back and be ashamed of their behavior. 

We are in Holy Week.  Friday we will recall the vivid crucifiction of Christ.  Let us then ask ourselves, how many times have beaten one loved by God?  How many times have we condemned an innocent?  How many times have we hammered the nails into the Christ whose only message was Love?  Easter is coming.  The celebration of renewal and resurection from a dark past.  Let us pray that comes for us sooner rather than later.  Amen.