I am thrilled to say that our Order has taken a great and much anticipated step forward in formation.  As of this weekend, four of our members are now in community.  The monk house (not quite a monastery yet) is in Sandy Spings, Atlanta.  Brothers Addison, Ashton, Kevin and I are currently renting a townhome there.  Moving in wasn’t entirely easy, as the stairs going down to the lower level can’t accomodate full size box springs…but that’s what the porch is for.  Up and over it went and then in through the downstairs patio entrance.  Just goes to show that nothing can stand in the way of determined monks. 

The altar and worship space is set up and we sang and recited compline together last night.  What a wonderful experience! 

Next step is to continue to raise funds and find donors to help us purchase property that will fit everyone.  Br. Stephen is anxious, as are we all, to join us in community so that we can go ahead and sell the small townhome in which he is living.  It will also be nice to have a dedicated space for visitors and postulants coming to us for formation.  We give thanks to God for the progress thus far and ask that you all keep us in your prayers as we continue ever forward, always to the glory of God who unites us in Love and Christ.  Amen!