This past weekend, several brothers and I had the pleasure of attending the first Convocation of Religious for the Diocese of Atlanta.  Present there were members of The Society of St. Anna the Prophet, The Order of St. Anthony the Great, Brothers of St. Gregory and Sisters of St. Gregory.  While it was a relatively small gathering, it was wonderful to see representatives of all the Episcopal religious communities present in the Diocese.  As religious communities are so few and far between, it was a comfort to see others living out the same calling as ourselves.  It was a true comfort to know that we are not alone in the Diocese in the work that we do. 

For the closing of the convocation, we chanted Evensong together, and I was given the honor of providing the homily.  The scriptures read for the service were Isaiah 65:17-25 and Matthew 18: 21-35.  As requested, I’m providing a recording of the homily here for any that may be interested.  Special thanks go to Br. Aelred, B.S.G. for his work in organizing this event!     

You can download the homily by following this link: