The past few months have been tremendously busy and have alowed our Order two new blessings.  In January Br. Charlie and I made the trip up to Sewanee to accept vows from Br. Chad Krouse who is in his last year of seminary there.  Then in March, Brs. Charlie, Stephen and I ventured up to Virginia to accept vows from Br. Father Robert-James.  Both vocation ceremonies were recorded, and we have Br. Robert-James’ up already.  We should have Br. Chad’s up soon once I figure out  It was a wonderful pleasure to be able to preach at both services.  For Br. Robert-James’ service, click HERE.  The sermons starts around the 20 minute mark and the vocation ceremony is around the 38 minute mark.  If you have difficulty hearing the vows, you can find them on our website at

Congratulations and blessings upon our newest vocations in the Body of Christ!