Brother Kenneth Hosley, O.P.C. will be leading a hands-on iconography workshop beginning September 13th at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church.  Classes will be every Monday evening from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM and will last from four to six weeks.  All necessary equipment will be supplied including prepared icon boards, brushes, paints, and gold leaf. 

Iconography is an ancient tradition within the Church.  While it is considered a beautiful art form, it is more importantly a powerful means of prayer.  Iconography is a process of prayer with the presence of God and the Saint we are honoring.   As icons are windows into the Divine, the iconographer must be open to the active presence of God and the Saint.  Every step of the process in writing an icon is symbolic, which helps to constantly focus the iconographer on the prayer at hand.  Despite misconceptions from some early Church Fathers and a great number of Protestants, icons are not idols.  When used in prayer, the faithful are not praying to the icon, but rather through it.  It serves as a means to focus our attention towards God and the people whom God has inspired.  Icons help us remember the vast array of our communion of saints as well as the important events around the life of our Lord Jesus.  This workshop will teach not only the basic techniques for writing icons, but also the deep symbolism and prayer that is inseperable from the process.  Because icons are so stylistic, anyone can create one.  We will also cover the history and different styles of iconography, including Coptic, Greek and Russian Orthodox, Western European, and Celtic. 

The cost for the workshop is $95.00.  Limited scholarships are available.  Each participant will be able to take home their own completed icon by the end of the workshop.  Preregistration is required.  To register, please contact Br. Kenneth at   Space is limited, so please register early.  God’s Peace and blessings to you all.