Is this really what community looks like?

God’s Peace, everyone.  Here are my sermons for the two services this past Sunday for the third week of Epiphany.

You can find the lectionary readings for the day HERE.  In the first sermon, we discuss the difference between division in community from contention versus division from complacency (and there might be another jab at Ayn Rand in there, too 🙂 ).  In this age of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other virtual relationships, what does real community, let alone Christian community, look like?  In the second sermon, we discuss following Jesus at his command, and going out to find him where the darkness has already been broken by Light.

As you listen in, I invite you to consider how you will embody real Christian community, and then where can you go to find the Light of Christ that is already shining?  God’s Peace!

Sermon for Epiphany 3, 8:45 service – “Is Christ Divided?”

Sermon for Epiphany 3, 10:45 service – “Finding the Light in the Darkness”