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Wrapping up our spiritual practices from Dionysios, we now venture into apophatic terms, that is describing something by what it is not.  To emphasize what you’ll here in the audio, the first step is to find terms that you definitely know God is not, like evil, etc.  The next step in apophatic theology is start denying the very terms you used in cataphatic practices.  The final step, which we do not cover here is to then deny the denial.  But as that is a step for the more adept contemplatives, I’ll just leave you with that hint.  I look forward to hearing your responses!  God’s Peace.


Here is the audio for our second lesson on Dionysios in which we discuss “unlike” cataphatic terms.  As with the previous lesson, I invite you to share in the comment section.  God’s Peace!

February 2013

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    I know I said we’d have an update on Br. Addison’s work, but as he’s swamped with end of term homework and finals, we’ll wait another week for him to resurface from school so he can tell us all about some of the new plants he’s tracked down. In the meantime, thanks to our own […]
  • Construction Junction: monks with power tools
    So back to the aquaponics… With a consistent scale, the new and accurate plans for the system look like this: As you can see, the unit fits into the corner with two grow beds running along either wall, and the water tanks creating the triangular shape underneath.  The tank is divided into two sections for […]